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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Scarves? It must be Christmas!

Every year I swear I shan't knit any more fluffy scarves and every year my neighbour asks for more of them, it does at least mean that December starts off with two finished objects! November was pretty unsuccessful, I managed to make two pairs of socks, one of which is safely with my Secret Pal who can be found here . Laura has been a delight to spoil, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Having finished two scarves I'm back on socks, this is the first sock of a pair planned for a work colleague, it's in yarn from the natural Dye Studio, I always revert to their sock yarn when I want soft warm socks.


Blogger Laura said...

I am so pleased you have enjoyed spoiling me. I have enjoyed being spoilt by you and getting to know you :)

Your socks had their first outing yesterday. They were well worn while walking around Leeds in the rain!

5:19 pm GMT  

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