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Monday, November 26, 2007

I do finish things occasionally!

Finally I reached the end of the cable socks, I seem to have been working on them forever and a day, I'm pleased with them though and they're now safely wrapped up and will go in the post this week.

Just to prove that I'm a wee bit crazy I dug out an old sock-in-progress with a slightly different cable repeat and figured out where I'd got confused when I was working on it about a year ago, I've done a few rounds and will now try and keep it plodding along in between the frantic Christmas gift knitting that I have barely started. I've returned the set top box for my broadband TV and have successfully muddled up the connection of my DVD player to the TV so I've no excuse to avoid getting on with the complicated knitting that I can't do while I watch television!


Anonymous sibille said...

I really hope that you can keep the socks for yourself ...

Love Sibille

1:57 pm GMT  

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