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Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm afraid it didn't get better

Thanks to those of you who contacted me after Monday's bus nightmare, unfortunately the same women got on my bus today - a different one from Monday, I had no choice but to get off, they knew that, they won, I no longer know what to do, they frequent both centres where I can shop and use the buses I get home from work, I don't know who they are nor where they live except that is is somewhere near here, but I know at least one of their friends lives near me. I don't feel safe anymore. I'm sure you'll understand that I don't feel like blogging anymore.


Anonymous Cath said...

I'm sorry for me, because I enjoy reading about you, your knitting and Hecate, but I don't blame you at all [I commented on your earlier post].

Again, it makes me angry that some humans can be so nasty to others. I hope they stop their unacceptable behaviour soon.
Sending you good thoughts from here in Bury St Edmunds.

11:31 pm GMT  
Anonymous Elly said...

Rachel, I know it's easier said than done, but please try to keep your chin up. These bullies will eventually lose interest and leave you alone. Just know that we are thinking of you.

1:09 am GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I agree,,don't provoke, ignore them and they will finally realize you are no fun,
I will miss your writings maybe if you "talk" here it may help?

2:27 am GMT  
Anonymous sibille said...

Please DO NOT stop blogging!
That would be really wired - closing your blog because they stalk you at the bus. No way!
I'm sure they have no idea what a knitting blog is ;-)

Of course I agree to the others: just ignore them. Yes, easier said than done but try to.

Sending encouraging thoughts and a big hug


9:14 pm GMT  

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