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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting closer to Christmas

I received a gorgeous Christmas card from a dear friend of mine, it's a really nice card, I now have to confess to my readers that I haven't sent a single Christmas card into the mail yet, nor have I posted several packages, some of you will be receiving festive greetings from me at around twelfth night I suspect.

Last night I finally remembered to collect this superwash merino from my mum's flat, it's a gift that was sent to me ages ago and now you all finally get to see the glorious purpleness of it! Fyberspates definitely do goo purples!

I also finished the next to the last scarf that I intend doing this year, there will eb a few more in my future, but not many as I'm getting back into the swing of what I think of as slightly more challenging knitting, not neccessarily much more complicated but definitely bigger, more long term projects. I was later home yesterday with going visiting, Hecate was highly disapproving, I was bitten (not hard) for being late and not producing dinner immediately, she is a cat of decided opinions.


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