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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Focussing on just one thing today

I've attacked the waistcoat back with more enthusiasm than I've managed to muster in a long time, I'm well into the armhole shaping now, I love this bit, when the rows are getting shorter and I feel that I'm on the home stretch. I plan on casting on the other front this week so that I don't lose momentum when I get the back finished. This will be an important milestone for me when I get it done as it will be the biggest thing I'll have finished in a long time, I've doen scarves, socks and shawls all year but not finished anything much bigger, granted with so many WIP's hanging around I shouldn't have started this, but I'm enjoying it even if hecate is obsessed with stealing this particular yarn.
I have abusy week this week, it's my last full week in the office and I have a Dr's appointment and a trip to see my mum, there may be the odd blogless day but I'll be around somewhere.


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