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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Not dead but sleeping yesterday!

I'm so close to the end of the scarves for the time being, but I've got very little knitting done this week, the last few weeks at work have been pretty dire, starting with my employer announcing plans to continue cutting staff over the next 4 years, ending up with a 25% reduction in staff numbers since last year, although my job is pretty safe it's a nasty feeling as I know how under pressure my colleagues in other departments are. This week we were told that our entire section is moving into a department that I feel uncomfortable with to say the least, it came close to being the last straw, especially as I had some news on a personal level that means I'm going to have to have a major rethink about what I do next, I'm keeping my eyes open for transfers but in the current climate that may not be a good option either so I'm going to make any hurried decisions.

The other scarf is limping along too, but I may soon abandon any further Christmas knitting and just get on with something I enjoy, like my waistcoat back and my shawl.

I'm almost at the armhole shaping on the back of the waistcoat, it's a bit gathered in to fit it on the straight needle, I was going to transfer it to a circular for the picture but couldn't find the one I needed, I've asked Hecate but all she does is mew and pretend she hasn't had it. I'm still enjoying this wool and hope that I'll reach casting on teh oterh front before I finish for Christmas then I can have a concentrated effort to have it done over the holidays.

The shawl is still my 'tired of thinking' knit, it's plodding along and is lovely and warm to keep on my lap, we seem to be finally going to have some colder weather, my hanging basket is still flowering which is crazy. The good part is that with this flat being so well insulated it's December and I've not had any heating on yet, in fact I'm still wandering around the flat wearing short sleeved shirts and no shoes or socks.

This is Hecate helping me watch television, she likes to make sure that she is getting my undivided attention whenever possible.


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