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Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's sleepy kitten time

In the absence of much knitting progress (apart from an afghan square) - I finished a whole square at the hospital today, I bring you Hecate relaxed.

I am happy, I have a 3 month reprieve before we decide if steroid injections or surgery are needed, I breathed a big sigh of relief, shook the specialist warmly by the hand and got out as quick as possible.

There is always a bit of Hecate drooping over the edge of any surface as you can see.

Hecate inside the back pack I use for work, I don't think I'm likley to miss her added weight when I set out, however much she might want to come with me.

Two Arklow egg cups, one was free as it has a hairline crack in it, I'll keep a look out for one in good condition some time, but not until after Christmas!
What have I achieved this month?
I've knitted (I think) 14 scarves, the front of my Spirit waistcoat, part of the back and 4 afghan squares, and for a change, not a single sock, which proves that I'm not addicted to sock making after all.
I've also sorted out the light box, taken some major steps in reorganising my life without the ex around and am feeling really positive, this is most unusual for me in winter, I normally just want to hibernate.
December is going to have to revolve around frantic present knitting, I have still fairly ambitious plans which I have every expectation of not actually achieving, especially as I have a busy weekend this weekend and don't anticipate much knitting.


Anonymous Elly said...

Great news all round then!

12:49 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds really good. Be optimistic!

Take care Sibille

I'm back with a pm later this week

8:53 am GMT  

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