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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sorting out

With Hecate's help I've been sorting out the last of the fancy yarn - at least, I think this is all I have left that isn't currently on the needles. There is the possibility that I may find more hidden away but there can't be much more!

It's been a rotten day here, the trafic in and out of town is ridiculous, all the bus drivers are in foul tempers coping with the traffic, almost constant rain and passengers loaded with Christmas shopping and screaming children, I can hardly wait until the 19th when I finish for Christmas. I'm working between Christmas and New Year but that isn't too bad normally.

I bought some toys for kitten to play with and this is what it says on the packaging! Can you imagine trying to collect her toys off her every morning before I go to work? There's no knitting to show today, I've opened a bottle of wine and I'm going to put my feet up with a book for a change.


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