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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's been way too long

I'm sorry to have been missing for so long, it's taken me ages to get over the last chest infection and I've been spending most of my energy in trying to resolve issues at work (and failing).
I finally found a slight urge to knit this week so last night I wound a skein of Schaefer sock yarn (Tutti Frutti colour)into a ball and today as I had a day off work I vast this on, it isn't much, just a plain ankle sock, but it's the first real knitting I've done this year. I grant you I should have worked on one of my WIP's but I didn't feel up to working out where I was up to with anything and I wasn't sure that given the stress I'm under what my tension would have been like - I suspect that I'm knitting even tighter than usual!
Hecate seemed to approve of me knitting, she came and snuggled down next to me with her head in my lap being ultra cute.
In the mean time, I've finally got my CPAP machine which is supposed to solve my tiredness problems so cat and I are trying to get used to me sleeping with a mask on and a machine helping me breathe!


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