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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas loot part 2

A large part of my Christmas loot was books - these are the non knitting ones from my mother. I love the TV series' of Coast and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this - one of my friends already has her name on the borrowing list for when I'm done so I'll move it to the top of my reading list which at the moment is pretty long as I've bought a stack of books and then not had sufficient concentration to read anything but old friends.

I couldn't resist asking for this book on Michelangelo, it's going to be another one to enjoy on winter evenings when I feel like a bit of educational reading (so maybe not quite yet).

I have all the rest of Michael Palin's travel books so it's nice to have this one too, I missed a couple of episodes from the TV series but I'm absolutely sure that they will a) come out on DVD and b) be repeated almost ad nauseum on every public holiday, on teh mean time I can read this.

Finally the delightful David Dimbleby enthusing about architecture, I think I preferred his Portrait of Britain series but this one was pretty interesting as well (I think my DVD wish list is lengthening as well)!
Knitting still isn't happening here but I have a raft of medical appointments coming up and they tend to be good for kick starting the knitting again.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Finally surfacing with a thank you!

Look at these gorgeous socks - they arrived at the weekend, perfect timing as I was just recovering from the second bout of evil chest infection in the last few months. Sibille sent them to me and I think they are wonderful! Thank you so much, I've been a rotten correspondant and blogger for the last few months but I will try and do better this year. I'm back in work again and hoping that the latest lot of antibiotics and steroids will have blasted the bugs that have been making me ill on a repetitive basis for far too long. I've not even been knitting which is why Christmas gifts weren't finished and blogging didn't happen.
I have a load of other things to show you and my review of what I did manage to achieve last year but I'll have to do it a bit at a time over the next few days - I really will try and blog more often I promise!