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Saturday, May 09, 2015

A future?

Having stayed up on Friday night until I was too heartsick from watching the Eton toffs take over the country for another 5 years I was still wallowing in misery and trying to figure out how I could get a transfer to Scotland when my random shuffle played this album - 

Celebrating Subversion: The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow particularly the track by Ian Saville The Vision the words are here  and you can hear it here

I'm still trying to understand how the voters will throw out the LIb Dems for supporting the Torys and then vote the Torys in, especially when so many of us are one pay cheque away from financial disaster nowadays, one unexpected bill away from turning off the heating or managing without the new shoes we or our kids need. Surely voting in a government planning another £12 billion cuts in the welfare budget on the basis that it won't affect 'us' but only 'them' - that nebulous them made up of scroungers and immigrants but never anyone like 'us' it's lunacy. It isn't even 'enlightened self interest' it's looking at the past 5 years and learning absolutely bugger all from the increase in zero hours contracts and the increased use of foodbanks, not just by sanctioned benefits claimants but by the employed on low pay.

I don't have any answers right now, I have no idea how to move forwards but I'm determined to try and figure out a way to move forwards in spite of the gloom I feel right now.


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Yeah, often voters can surprise everyone with their strange and unpredictable choice. Sometimes I think that our society is crazy.

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