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Monday, May 04, 2015


I bet you all thought I was dead I lost access to the email account linked to this blog and have spent the last year trying intermittently to get access, For some reason today I finally managed to sort it out, I think they must have changed how to get account information as today I had the option to get a recovery code by text and here I am!

No pictures or anything much to say today but I will try and find things to say and knitting to show you once I find my camera!

I do want you to see this- my sister made it for me for my birthday in 2014, this is the front of it and below is the back.
You must know that purple is my favourite colour, I've never been given anything as special as this, purple and black cats!

I promise I'll try and be back regularly now!


Anonymous trish said...

well done and welcome back!

7:05 pm GMT  
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