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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's done!

I finished casting off the shawl today, it still needs the ends sewing in and a decent picture taking, it has been a very grey and wet day here today. The pattern says not to block the shawl, but I think I may give it a light blocking to open it out just a bit more. It's turned out really well and has been a really fun knit to make. It actually took 313g of merino 4 ply, a bit annoying to need 13g from another skein but it still worked out to be an inexpensive knit

Hecate yesterday evening supervising me at the computer, I've been busy tidying up today removing lots of junk from my 'office' and putting a second chair in it with an old swaeter on the seat for her to sleep on, she's curled up most contentedly!


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