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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is this what is known as recruiting?

This, this is the work of my neighbour, she's often very poorly as she has a number of medical problems, primarily causing her to have to use oxygen a lot of teh day. She tried doing counted cross stitch again last year and found she couldn't see well enough. She's seen me knitting when I call in to see her after work each day and asked me several weeks ago if I had some yarn and needles that she could try. I cast on for her and joined in the new balls of wool when needed, today she handed it to me to cast off and sew in the ends. I'm really delighted, it's the first time in ages she's really been able to achieve something and I feel good taht I've helped her find it.

Hecate sitting next to my keyboard all ready to hunt my fingers - little sweetheart!
Tomorrow I'm off to see the surgeon about my feet, fingers crossed it goes well as they are a little improved, I'm gradually increasing the distance I can walk without too much discomfort. I don't know if I'll have any news tomorrow or if it will mean X-rays and so forth though.


Anonymous Elly said...

What a lovely story about your neighbour. Do hope she is able to keep it up.

10:38 pm GMT  

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