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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ms Diva

Normally Hecate poses for pictures, she was happily nosing at the yarn in the picture but the minute I got the camera out she departed, most unlike her normal behaviour!

This is much more like my fur baby - she thinks she is a newel knob at the top of the stairs - I can't keep anything on it as she turfs it off so that she can pose here.

The shawl is progressing but is now too unwieldy for bus knitting - I've finished 65 pattern repeats now, I'll have to dig out the Irish Hiking scarf for the bus for next week, I'd like to get it finished and put away ready for a Christmas gift anyway.
Years ago my Mum and I used to listen to a radio programme called My Music, 4 panellists took part, one of them was Ian Wallace, we even once saw him perform live doing a combination of singing and recounting humerous stories from his career. I discovered this week that he wrote two volumes of auto biography, I managed to find both second hand and ordered them, volume two arrived yesterday and I'm being very restrained and waiting for the first one to arrive before diving right in! To take my mind off it I did housework today, clearing a bin bag full of rubbish out of my office, making bread, doing washing and sorting through my airing cupboard stash of yarn, all very nobel and heroic and giving Hecate lots of excuses for climbing in and out of boxes and cupboards!


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